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The efficient discovery of the medicinal devices has powerfully benefited the people to show the exit door to the innumerable epidemics & ailments. Out of such sufferings, erectile dysfunction is one such ailment that has created an impact on the health of the males since quite a long time. Thus keeping this in mind, the analyzers of the pharmaceutical world thought it to be mandatory to help people heave a sigh of relief by potentially overcoming this disorder with the help of fundamental medications. In addition to the different schedules, birth control brands contain varying types of estrogen and/or progestin. They all work essentially the same way; it’s just that the molecular structure is a little different for each. One reason for the different types is that having a unique molecule allows the company to patent their brand. Another reason, though, is both helpful and confusing: different types of hormones seem to have varied side effects in different women.

High blood pressure makes the heart work harder. This puts strain on the blood vessels, which then harden and narrow. This can prevent blood from getting to the penis and lead to ED. In a study, more than 65% of men with high blood pressure also had ED.

I had sex with my ex when he took Fildena. I swear it made him about two inches bigger! Sex was much better. But he said Vidalista works better. Not sure what he meant by that but he mentioned that he liked it better. Don’t talk to him anymore so not sure how it’s worked out for him but he did tell me that his new girlfriend said he was a sex maniac. I wonder if it’s great at first and then the thrill wears off? He did say it made him warm and flushed but he woke up with a boner after going most of the night.

Swallow the tablet with one glass full of water. Do not break the tablet. Take the drug exactly as directed. This drug should be combined with well balanced calorie controlled diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables. Effervescent tablets are needed to be placed in water. They are designed in such a way to break when they come in contact with water or any liquid. Chewable forms are not needed to be taken with water. As the name suggest that these tablets can be easily chewed.

Low levels of testosterone are often tied to a low libido. Testosterone levels tend to be higher in the morning and lower at night. In a man’s lifetime, his testosterone levels are at their highest in his late teens, after which they slowly begin to decline.

Stanley E. Althof, John Dean, Leonard R. Derogatis, Raymond C. Rosen, Melanie Sisson. (2005) Current Perspectives on the Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis of Female Sexual Dysfunction and Clinical Studies of Potential Therapies: A Statement of Concern. The Journal of Sexual Medicine 2, 146-153.

One way to open up a supportive and non-judgmental dialog is by having each person write privately something the couple used to do sexually but rarely does anymore, then share these together. Partners can share their beliefs around what constitutes sexual intimacy. They can voice their frustrations about what is not satisfying them, validate and reinforce the activities that they enjoy, and make suggestions for different types of sexual activity they want to engage in.

Though an early study reported that MUSE enabled 65% of men to have intercourse successfully at least once, clinical experience has shown that it is effective in only about 30% of men. Although some men consider MUSE easier to use than injections, about 10% of those who try it find the application process mildly painful, and about 3% become dizzy and develop low blood pressure. Because of the risk of low blood pressure, you should not use MUSE more than twice in 24 hours. Like injectable drugs, MUSE is available only by prescription and must first be used in the doctor’s office to determine the lowest effective dose.

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