How To Treat Female Impotence

Millions of men suffer from erectile dysfunction. They go through life feeling unfulfilled and under-confident, sometimes for years. These men suffer and so do their partners. The good news is that we have solutions for erectile dysfunction. Our erectile dysfunction treatment has a success rate of more than 90%, with patients regaining the complete joy of sex and intimacy. We have found that most erectile dysfunction symptoms diminish with just one treatment. Penile injections should be coordinated by a urologist. Injection treatments involve the injection of medication into the base of the penis (the part of the shaft furthest from the head of the penis) approximately 5-10 minutes before sexual activity. The injected medication causes blood vessels within the penis to widen, or dilate, which increases blood flow to the penis and causes an erection. Erections from injection therapies are commonly 30 minutes in duration. The needle used is a 29-gauge needle (tiny – like that used by diabetics injecting insulin for sugar control). Most men describe the sensation like ‘pulling a hair out of the back of their hand’.

PDE-5 inhibitors should be used with caution in men who have cardiovascular disease , such as coronary heart disease However, sexual activity is also likely to be beneficial for your cardiovascular health. You should discuss the risks and benefits with your GP.

The Papaverine and Phentolamine mixture is effective for sixty days. Dr. Lloyd Allen of the University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy studied the stability of the mixture. He showed that when stored in a refrigerated temperature of 5 degrees Centigrade, Papaverine lost less the 3% of its activity and Phentolamine lost less than 7%. Stored at about room temperature, 25 degrees Centigrade, Papaverine lost less than 3% of activity and Phentolamine less than 9% over a sixty day period. Prostaglandin E1, on the other hand, must be kept refrigerated at 5 degrees Centigrade, and it will last for four months.

When your doc recommends a medication, ask if the drug’s been tested in people like you—whether that’s male or female, short or tall, fat or thin, black or Asian, you get the picture—Clayton says, just as you would ask what the side effects are. If you dare, you might even consider asking your doctor if he or she is aware of the ways drug responses can vary between men and women, Greenberger says. If you’re met with a questioning look, reconsider where you make your next appointment.

Erection by the injection method is not treatment. It does not cure or reverse the blockage of the arteries. It simply allows one to obtain an erection without the need for surgery or a penile prosthesis. Furthermore, the injections may not continue to work, especially in the conditions (high cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc.) continue to affect the penile arteries. Tobacco smoking will also affect erectile function and may worsen the atherosclerosis of the penile arteries to the point where the injections will not work.

Internet drugstores have Blueberry stocks available, but it is noticeable that not all of the stores have the product, as it is not as popular as the other generic brand ED meds (Caverta, Suhagra, Filagra, etc.). Blueberry is also available locally in India, as this product is produced there. Being a Sildenafil product, Blueberry requires a prescription to purchase, although most of the online shops do not actually require prescriptions for their products.

Our medicine is based on Ayurveda and is available online. Our researchers have first studied the main causes of this problem and create herbal extract to combat this. The main ingredients of our product are herbs, minerals, vitamins and several other naturally occurring substances. These ingredients provide direct cure to the root cause of this problem. These constituents help in increasing the blood circulation in the body and also provide significant strength to the muscle. The intake of our medicine will certainly cure this disease.

Patients who have serious cardiac disease or exertional angina or are taking multiple antihypertensive medications should seek the advice of a cardiologist before beginning therapy with a phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor. Nevertheless, several studies examining the cardiac effects of sildenafil and tadalafil have demonstrated that there is no increased risk of cardiovascular events in comparison with placebo. 78 , 79 No significant differences in the incidence of MI, myocardial ischemia, or postural hypotension has been reported.

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